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Our laboratory participates in separate control tests which allow for external quality control.

These tests are organized by GEDNAP

Your samples will be tested in-house in our specially equipped laboratory. The tests are conducted by highly experienced molecular biologists with the most modern equipment. Internal crosschecks and ongoing safety controls ensure that mix ups of samples and mistakes are not going to happen.

Our analysis compares specific characteristic DNA regions of the persons that are being tested. These characteristics create a pattern that is unique for every person. We compare at least 16 of these characteristics to achieve a very high probability with our test. As far as paternity tests are concerned the probability is at least 99.99% (and can be augmented up to 99,999999% if necessary); if the test has to show that a man is not the father the probability is 100%.

Your test result will show all analysis details and the probability of paternity. Your data will be presented in a detailed but easy-to-understand certificate.

Many paternity tests are offered by vendors that do not have their own laboratory or even have the necessary training and qualifications. Unfortunately most of their customers have no way of knowing which laboratory conducts their test.

There are several “cheap” offers around. Those tests are often done in laboratories outside of Austria. Some of these companies have old equipment and use outdated methods. Therefore the results are unreliable and would not pass any Austrian quality control standard. It is imperative that you make sure that your chosen laboratory is in fact in Austria and does the analysis in their company-owned facility. Austrian laboratories are leading in quality control, qualification of employees and reliability.

DelphiTest not only owns their own facility, we also allow our clients to see our lab at any time. Our analysis quality is externally tested by GEDNAP twice a year.

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