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Experts estimate that 5% to 10% of all children born in wedlock are not the biological children of the husband. Usually the mother is aware who the biological father of her children is. It is therefore surprising that 20% to 30% of all tests are actually requested by women. A molecular biological test is often the only way for a mother and the potential father to be sure of paternity.

Modern molecular biological testing allows you to be sure about paternity or the fact that someone is definitely not the father. This method is not only more accurate but also much more cost efficient than traditional methods. All we need are a few body cells from the father and the child. Taking a sample is easy: take some oral fluid, a toothbrush or a cigarette butt and mail to our laboratory.

During our molecular paternity test we select specific DNA regions of the father and the child and compare them to each other. This comparison allows us to achieve a probability of at least 99.99%.

If necessary, we can test for more DNA regions and hence reach at least 99,99999%. This particular test does not look for any genetic specifics or potential illnesses though.

Molecular biological paternity tests are used by a wide variety of entities today. Courts, police, child welfare services, detectives, lawyers and doctors all use these tests. More and more private persons use these inexpensive and fast tests as well to have piece of mind.

We can conduct other tests to clarify biological relationships between relatives e.g. are twins enzygotic (from one egg) or bizygotic (from two eggs), is a grandchild really related to its grandmother.

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