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How to order a test

Once you have decided to order a test follow these easy steps:

Go to our order page and use the online ordering form. You can also print out our ordering form and send it by mail or fax.

We will send you a kit to take the samples. In the kit you will find sterile buccal swabs to take the oral sample. The kit also contains a very clear and detailed set of instructions and an order form.

You can do the test in the convenience of your own home. Once you have taken the samples, please mail them to us. In addition please mail the completed and signed contract. At the same time please pay the testing fee via bank transfer or use online transfer.

If you wish to prove the samples origin by identity certificate, please contact us directly. This test will increase the credibility of the samples and can be of use in case of a legal dispute. We can do this test in collaboration with your doctor or lawyer or you can visit us directly at our laboratory.

After we receive your contract, the samples, and the testing fee we will do the analysis immediately in our corporate laboratory. You will receive the results after about two weeks discretely if you wish via mail, phone, fax, or e-mail.

We can expand the test and include e.g. a second potential father or several children.

Our paternity test is comparable to the genetic fingerprint technology used by the criminal police. This test allows a predictability of 99.99% as far as a family relationship or paternity of the tested persons is concerned. If necessary, we can test for more DNA regions and hence reach at least 99,99999%.

Of course we treat all data with strict confidentiality, and none of the data or samples is used for anything but the test nor do we allow any third party access to it. All analysis is done at our local laboratory in Regensburg. None of the samples leave the building once we receive them. Once the test results have been transmitted to our client, the data is either destroyed or stored on our internal secure servers.

Confidentiality, discretion and data safety are of utmost importance to us.
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