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How we test

We use the most modern methods to determine paternity. How does it work?

Every person has two complete copies of their genetic material, one from their fatherís side and one from their motherís side. There are several markers where this information differs from person to person as you compare their DNA. There are specific markers within the DNA where you can find repeated sequences. The number of repetitions is different for every person.

As we analyze the repetitions of these sequences for enough markers we get either congruity or differences. If we find only congruities between the alleged father and the child Ė we have a very high probability of paternity. If we find remarkable differences we can exclude paternity.

We use a highly efficient method called Polymerase-chain reaction. This allows us to copy and amplify the relevant DNA regions. We then test for the length and repetitions within the fragments.

Finally a statistical analysis through modern software allows an exact calculation of the probability of paternity.
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